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Boca Bite


The Boca Bite is our standard lure with good action that comes in lengths from 3.5-5 inches.

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Large Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Trout, Grouper, Flounder, Barracuda, Permit, Jacks, Blues, Spanish Mackerel, and Bass have all been caught and landed on these Hall 'em In Lures.

Fishing Tips
Wooden lures can work much differently than ordinary plastic baits.  The front screw eye placement determines whether the lure will stay on top of the water or go under when retrieved.  If the screw eye is placed under the nose, the lure will strictly stay on top.  If the screw eye is placed directly on the nose, it can either be retrieved on top or worked underneath up to 18 inches, like a suspension lure.  Working the lure at different speeds will get various actions.  I primarily use a spinning rig-3500 Diawa Tierra reel and a St. Croix avid series rod - either a 7’0”or a 7’6” medium or medium/heavy.  After casting I like to let the lure sit for a second then on the retrieve, I generally reel twice and pop it or jerk the rod back.  Vary the speed until you find what works best for that lure since each lure will work differently.  Also you can drop the rod down to your side and get another kind of retrieve.  With the suspension lures this will let the plug go under the water and zigzag.  The Boca Bite is a good lure for quiet circumstances.  If sight fishing mangroves or shallow oyster bars they are a quiet working lure.

Looking for a different size of this lure?  Please call us (407.254.5207) to discuss availability!

1).072 Stainless Steel Screw Eyes
2)3x Split Rings
3)Cup Washers
4)VMC Hooks 6x for strength and durability
5)Painted lures have an overspray with either silver or gold fleck
6)Hand dipped in a West System Epoxy™ three times for the finish coat

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Boca Bite

Boca Bite

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