About Us

Crafters of fine handmade wooden lures, tackle boxes, shadow boxes, and exotic wood keychains.

Our Team

In loving memory of David E. Hall (1969-2011), President

Fred Hall, V.M.D., Owner
JR Smith, CEO
Jerry Balhmann, Wood Turner
Avery Kennard, Wood Turner
Scott M. Bunks, Webmaster

David and Fred Hall- About Us Image

Hall 'em In Lures are handcrafted from carefully selected blocks of fine wood.  A father and son with an overwhelming love for the sport began creating them from scratch in 2005.  Because wooden lures have been in use since the turn of the 20th century, they have a nostalgic sense of quality.

Dr. Fred Hall, a semi-retired veterinarian, and his son David have enjoyed fishing Florida waters for many years.  Having a deep love for both fishing and wood working, Father and Son recently combined the two hobbies into a full time business venture and have developed a very unique series of lures.  These lures are the best of both worlds.  Using old and new knowledge, shapes and products are combined to create a top notch lure.  Through several rigorous tests, these lures have been proven to catch many varieties of fish and are now in full production.

Many other ideas emerged as the lures were perfected.  They started using various exotic woods for a more distinct, custom lure.  The Halls also handcrafted a series of solid wood replicas of antique tackle boxes. Shadow boxes were then made to enhance and display these one of a kind custom wood lures.

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